Spinal Cord Injury Seating & Equipment

Detail about seating and equipment for persons having spinal cord injury


6/25/20232 min read

When it comes to spinal cord injury seating and equipment chairs, it's crucial to find options that prioritize comfort, support, and mobility. Here are some top-rated chairs worth considering:

  1. Invacare Top End Eliminator OSR Racing Wheelchair: This wheelchair is designed for high-performance activities, such as racing. It offers excellent stability, adjustability, and lightweight construction. It features a rigid frame, customizable seating options, and quick-release wheels for easy transport.

  2. Ki Mobility Catalyst 5: The Catalyst 5 is a versatile wheelchair suitable for everyday use. It offers customizable seat dimensions, adjustable frame components, and various cushioning options. Its lightweight design enhances maneuverability, and it can be customized to accommodate individual needs.

  3. Permobil F3 Corpus: This power wheelchair offers advanced seating and positioning features. It includes features like tilt, recline, and elevation, allowing users to change positions for pressure relief and comfort. The Corpus seating system provides excellent support and adjustability, promoting proper posture and reducing the risk of pressure sores.

  4. ROHO Hybrid Elite: This cushion combines foam and air technology to provide superior pressure redistribution and stability. It features interconnected air cells that adapt to the user's shape and movements. The Hybrid Elite is suitable for both manual and power wheelchairs, offering excellent support and reducing the risk of pressure injuries.

  5. Varilite Icon Deep: The Varilite Icon Deep is a specialized wheelchair cushion designed for individuals with a higher risk of pressure ulcers. It combines air and foam technologies to provide optimal pressure distribution and stability. The cushion's contoured design promotes proper alignment and comfort for individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Remember, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional or rehabilitation specialist who can assess your specific needs and recommend the most suitable seating and equipment options for your spinal cord injury.

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Bright living room with modern inventory